Argo ship Argo Mythology

Η Αργοναυτική εκστρατεία

The purpose of the Argonaut expedition was to fly to King Pelias of the Golden Fleece from Colchis (AIA), which was in the depths of the Black Sea.
The Golden Fleece was the ram, which went Frixos to escape from his father, the king of Orchomenos Boeotia, and stepmother, who were ready to sacrifice the. Frixos finally arrived at the court of King Aetes, who received him with honors and gave him the daughter of a woman. When Frixos sacrificed the ram to Zeus, gave his skin to Aetes, who hung an oak tree in the grove of Mars and put a dragon to tribes, day and night.
The cause of the Argonaut expedition was as follows: King Pelias of Thessaly in Lokridas had received prophecies that killed by a descendant of Aeolus and stored by a man who will be wearing a sandal. When Pelias saw Jason in front of him, wearing a sandal just in his right leg to him away from him, gave him a mandate to bring back the Golden Fleece.
The campaign took part all the Greek heroes, fifty in number, including Hercules. Among them were the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, Idas and Lynkeas, Orpheus, Peleus, the Meleager, Tydeus by the Amphiaraos, and Hunter Atalanta, the only woman.
The leader of the campaign was Jason when requested by Hercules, who had only to complete the feat of Erymanthoy boar, to take leadership, not consent.
The ship for the voyage was made by Argos, the son of Phrixus, from which it got its name, Argo. It was made from trees of Mount Pelion, under the guidance of the goddess Athena. Had fifty oars and stern Athena had put a piece of the sacred oak of talking Dodonon.
Pagases sailed from the port of Iolkou. When the ship arrived in Mysia, the Hylas, the companion of Herakles left, and went to bring water and Heracles was left behind to find him, so he took part in another campaign.
The Argonauts, after many adventures reached the mouth of the River Stage in Colchis.
There, the king Aeëtes promised to give the Golden Fleece, if Jason sow first of the remaining teeth of the dragon, which was not used by Cadmus in Thebes and zepsei two steers that were making fire from their nostrils and had steel legs .
Jason with the help of Medea, the daughter of Aetes, which had fallen in love, managed to get the golden skin. Along with Medea, took the way back, but fell into a big storm and found in Italy. Finally after many adventures, arrived back in Iolko.

The Argonauts - Jason's companions

Jason, the leader of the campaign
Thespies of Argos, a manufacturer of Argo, the son of Phrixus
Tifys the wheelman from Sifai Viotia
Castor Spartan wrestler and
Polydeuces the boxer's brother (the Dioscuri)
Ida's son Afareos of Messina and
Lynx, the observer's brother
Atalanta in Calydon, the virgin huntress
Meleager of Calydon
Acastos, son of King Pelias
Aktor, son of Dion's Fokida
Admetus, prince of Feron
Amphiaraos, the prophet from Argos
Ankaios the Great of Tegea, son of Poseidon
Ankaios Mikros, Leleges Samos
Askalafos of Orchomenos, son of Mars
Asterion, son of the Comet
Augeas, son of King of Elis mare
Boutis of Athens, the beekeeper
Caeneus of Lapiths
Calais, the winged son of Boreas and
Issue, the brother
Acanthus Evia
Kifis, son of Arcadia Alliot crown of Lapithos tilted Thessaly
Echion, son of Hermes
Erginus of Miletus
Honourable the Tainaro, swimmer
Mekistou Euryalus son of one of his descendants
Evrydamas of Dolopon from Xenia Lake
Hylas of Dryopes Viscount Hercules
Idmon of Argos, son of Apollo
Iphicles, son of Aetolia Thestionos
Iphitos, brother of King Eurystheus of Mycenae
Laertes, son of Akrisios from Argos
Melampus of Pylos, son of Poseidon
Mompsos of Lapiths
Nauplius of Argos, son of Poseidon
Lokridas of Telamon, father of Ajax
Orpheus, the poet of Thrace
Palaemon, son of Hephaestus, Aetolia
The Myrmidons portal
Pineleos son of Ippalkimou Viotia
Poriclymenus of Pylos, son of Poseidon
Phalereus, the Athenian archer
Lamp, the Cretan, the son of Dionysus and
Grapes, brother
What, son of Magnesia Thafmakous
Polyphemus, son of fir, Arcadia